Interlab4innovation is a personalized service ready to meet multiple needs, from research and specialist advice for innovation and control at every stage of the supply chain, to national and European design.






Interlab4innovation, through a process of recovery of waste from the agri-food industry, creates a bioformulate with fertilizing properties to be used in agriculture for biological control.

By promoting and disseminating the importance of organic farming, we are committed to supporting:

  • The improvement of field crops.
  • Food security “from farm to fork”.
  • Innovative solutions and services that respect the environment.

According to our point of view, the secret of organic farming lies in a healthy land, which gives rise to healthier plants which in turn increase the nutritional properties of our foods

Interlab4innovation proposes its product in a context in which environmental sustainability and profit are fundamental issues for promoting technological practices for the benefit of the environment and human health because “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT” as Feuerbach stated.


Through a process of extraction of biologically active molecules from plant products, Interlab4innovation dedicates himself to nutraceuticals and cosmeceutics after having provided experimental evidence of their health properties

Nutraceuticals is a type of food science that “enriches” a product with a concentrate of biologically active substances obtained from foods, herbs and plants, prepared in a higher concentration making it beneficial for human health.

The intake of nutraceutical foods helps to improve the health of the body and above all helps to prevent the onset of particular diseases.

Our commitment,  for your business

Interlab4innovation offers innovative solutions to get your business off the ground, ensuring ever-present support

Interlab4innovation knows that your reality is unique, which is why he is dedicated to developing processes and products tailored to your needs

Interlab4innovation is convinced that the implementation of a project for a company must be more specific, and less standardized.