Project Va.Bene: the commitment of the PDO PGI sector for the well-being and sustainability of Italian agri-food supply chains

The Qualivita foundation in collaboration with Nutrafood (Interdepartmental Center for Nutraceutical Research and Nutrition for Health of the University of Pisa) and the support of the Minister of Agricultural Policies has carried out research on the nutritional and nutraceutical value of Italian GIs and certifies their results.

VA.BENE – DOP IGP Valore Benessere” analyzes in a complete and documented way the health characteristics of the basket of Italian PGI PDO products highlighting the important work carried out by the sector over the last ten years to improve the level of well-being and sustainability of Italian agri-food supply chains.

Although the Mediterranean Diet is an ever-present value, from its recognition as a UNESCO intangible heritage, to date, it has been little used by Italian companies as a support to the enhancement of nutritional aspects and as a social and educational support for a better food style in society.

It has become evident to scholars the need to clarify in the context of a system safe as such for its characteristics of uniqueness, innovation and control and suggest new paths focusing on aspects such as the commitment of the scientific community, the role of GIs in the Mediterranean Diet and scientific evidence of the positive results deriving from the work on changes made to production specifications by consortia.

With a view to protecting and enhancing the food heritage, research does not only deepen the themes of the well-being and sustainability of PDO and PGI but suggests indications to follow for their enhancement focusing attention on little-explored aspects such as the commitment of academic-scientific research on the IG front and the important role of PGI PDO products in the Mediterranean Diet.

With the VA.BENE – DOP IGP Valore Benessere project, the Qualivita Foundation aims to raise awareness among the subjects of the supply chain and consumers on these topics.