Confagricoltura in collaboration with JTI Italia publishes a call for proposals to encourage agricultural projects aimed at environmental sustainability in Calabria, Tuscany, Umbria and Veneto regions

Starting from Campania, Umbria, Tuscany and Veneto, “Agro-Social: seminiamo valore” aims to promote a virtuous agriculture, capable of producing concrete benefits for the community as a whole and of promoting the development of networks between the different territorial actors.

The OBJECTIVES of the Call “Agro-Social: seminiamo valore” are:

  • solutions that foster the social inclusion of vulnerable people;
  • promoting multifunctional social agriculture activities;
  • creating socio-economic opportunities for local communities;
  • promote initiatives to enhance the Territory;
  • design innovative and sustainable interventions aimed at different types of beneficiaries;
  • enhance and increase the creativity of the beneficiaries;
  • activate multi-stakeholder network initiatives, capable of producing concrete benefits for the entire Community;
  • to encourage the development of networks between the various actors (agricultural enterprises, cooperatives, social and non-social enterprises, associations, institutions);
  • support and promote innovative projects of personal services.

The first two most virtuous projects in the enhancement of the territory will be awarded, without forgetting the need for social cohesion. The winning project will get 40 thousand euros in prize, the runner-up instead will be awarded with 30 thousand euros.

Farms, foundations, social enterprises, innovative start-ups as well as privates with strong interests in social agriculture will be able to participate.

In a complex phase such as the current one, innovation and sustainability can be the key to planning economic restart. In order for this to happen, the creativity and entrepreneurship of small businesses working closely with the territory and local communities must be encouraged.