The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has declared 2020 as the international year of plant health with the aim of raising global awareness on the importance of plant health.

80% of the food we consume is represented by plants, so it is of primary importance to protect their health to end hunger, reduce poverty and safeguard the environment.

Huge economic losses every year are caused by diseases and parasites that cause serious damage to world agriculture, reducing millions of people to starvation.

For this reason, FAO intends to promote plant health in order to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Human life depends on plants which, in addition to the oxygen we breathe, are essential for nutrition. It is necessary to study the effects of plant health on food safety and the well-being of ecosystems to apply the most appropriate practices so as to ensure the well-being of plants while protecting the environment.

The challenge that awaits us is to produce good quality food with sustainable techniques, while preserving biodiversity.

“As with human or animal health, prevention is better than cure for plants,” said the FAO Director.