Italian agriculture is showing off its ability to respond to the challenges at the Maker Faire Rome

Maker Faire is the biggest show of innovation and creativity in the world; the Maker Faire Rome The European Edition, instead, is the largest edition outside of the United States.

The event combines science, technology, innovation, giving life to something completely new.

The event, held from 10 to 13 December 2020, places the city of Rome at the center of the innovation debate; the business world, research and sector associations had a chance to confront on the relationship that today links agriculture to the environment, society and economy.

Maker Faire is also the place where you learn, have fun and create networking opportunities.

The 2020 edition compared the business world, research and industry associations on the relationship that today links agriculture to the environment, society and territory, lowering the issue within the current pandemic emergency.

The journalist Isabella Ceccarini, moderator of the meeting “The social transformation of the territory after COVID-19”, recalled at the beginning the words spoken by Pope Francis in June of this year: “We can’t pretend to stay healthy in a sick world”.

One of the first substantial changes introduced by the pandemic and lockdown measures was the increase in direct and proximity sales, through e-commerce. But for many territories, especially in those where there is a clear digital and infrastructure gap, the technological revolution is still far behind.

In this context, however, it always makes sense to produce in a sustainable way. Organic is one of the productions and market-oriented methods that has characterized Italy in many important segments. We need to think about what is produced and how it is produced, changing the modus operandi, but also avoiding combining non-biological a priori with the concept of unsustainable.