Interlab4innovation is a project that aims to internationalise the research and innovation services offered by Laboratoria

Always engaged in research and development activities in the agricultural, food and cosmetic sectors, Laboratoria proposes itself as a company capable of promoting prototyping of new products and processes.

The mission of Laboratoria is to transfer its research skills to client companies, making available its highly specialized staff and its state-of-the-art facilities and equipment; the goal is to allow its customers significant savings in economic investments and time to obtain the desired results.

The support provided through the transfer of their know-how allows companies in the sector to increase their innovative and competitive skills by dedicating themselves to the realization of industrial development.

Laboratoria is also engaged in research support activities for all research centres, public or private; the ns. specialists follow our customers in the design, filing of industrial properties for the recording of scientific results and internationalization of results.


Interlab4innovation was born as part of the project POR CAMPANIA FESR 2014-2020 – ASSE III – OBIETTIVO SPECIFICO 3.4 – AZIONE 3.4.2. AVVISO PUBBLICO PER LA CONCESSIONE DI CONTRIBUTI FINALIZZATI AL FINANZIAMENTO DI PROGRAMMI DI INTERNAZIONALIZZAZIONE DELLE MICRO E PMI CAMPANE “INTERLAB” whose goal is to enhance the company’s international dimension in the area of biotechnology and agri-food and the opening up to a new market in Romania.